#MillionaireOnTheGO: LFWM Spring 2020

This year we were invited to attend London Fashion Week Men's, which is held over 4 days landing on the weekend.  This year shows were mainly held in London's vintage mecca Shoreditch.  Living up to our expectations, the designers created amazing environments within each space to present their exquisite collections.  The music, the set design, and the clothing transported you into their mind and left us inspired by the true art of fashion. Take a peek into London Fashion Week through our snapshots from some of our favorite moments. 


Art School | Instagram

Ahluwalia | Instagram

E. Tautz | Instagram

Eastwood Danso | Instagram Iceberg | Instagram | Coverage

1 x 1 | Instagram 

Alexander McQueen | Instagram | Coverage

Michiko Koshino | Instagram 

Lou Dalton | Instagram | Coverage

Stefan Cooke | Instagram | Coverage

Studio ALCH | Instagram | Coverage