Sustainable Luxury: Ten Ways to Live the New Luxury Lifestyle

Living the millionaire life has got to be sustainable if it’s going to last. That’s why millionaires everywhere are inventing and investing in ways to rethink the luxury lifestyle in a way that can be enjoyed for more than just this generation.

Lots of millionaires on the move are people who are making major headway into the sustainability movement. Some millionaires to inspire you are Mark Rufalo and Leonardo Dicaprio. They remind us that we’re basically the creators here.

Just like wealth can decrease over generations if it isn’t managed well, the same is true for our relationship with the planet. It’s a little different than the way your parents did things. We have to think new.
These days, planning a luxury lifestyle is about more than thinking about profits and losses. We’re also in a time when we have to plan our relationship to the earth. Here are ten ways to do it with a pulse on style.

One: Minimalism. There’s a reason minimalism is catching on at the same time these changes are happening. Minimalism has a way of bringing consciousness to each item you choose. With fewer items to focus on, you have a chance to consider each piece. What are the materials? How were they sourced and what is their origin story? Is this piece made to last or will it need to be replaced? Minimalism slows down that urge to consume that got us here in the first place. It’s the ultimate less is more.

Two: Invest in heirloom quality items and estate pieces. Items which have lasted this long have lasted because they were made well. Choose well-crafted items that have already proven their quality. Heirloom pieces aren’t drowning in packaging, and no new materials went into the production of the item. Investing in heirlooms means buying less often and changing the attitude of consumption.

Three: Join the carbon currency movement. The right brands out there offer carbon currency that can offset the toll the luxury lifestyle can take on the environment. Think plane tickets, festivals, and any moves you make that impact the planet. Buying carbon currency from places like Millionaire is a revolutionary way to reduce the footprint of the luxury lifestyle.

Four: Plastic is off trend. Spread the word. It’s the way the movement is going, and the forecast is only gaining momentum from here. You don’t want to look back at yourself ten years from now and cringe at all the plastic faux pas you made. Get on it and cut the plastic out.

Five: Really own your land. A green lawn with lawnmower stripes just doesn’t say class like it did in the 80’s. That, and it’s not sustainable because it doesn’t add value to your land for the future. The good news is you can landscape with perennials and plants that are native to your area instead. There’s a growing industry of landscapers and designers at your disposal who can map your land according to the way it’s natural topography wants it to be. And don’t skip beauty. Think crushed pebble walkways and fruit trees here.

Six: Influence your friends. As you lead the life of luxury, people tend look to you for answers. Your style is on point, so why shouldn’t your carbon footprint be too? If you notice people imitating your style, that translates to your habits too, so don’t be afraid to give guidance through your actions and words. Your reach is farther than you think.

Seven: Reinvent your company. Taking shorter showers will do a little, but changing the way your company uses resources will make a much larger impact. How much waste does your company generate and how can you reimagine that system? Talking about long-term investments, the sustainability movement is only set to grow from here on out, and you want to start walking the talk now to be competitive and successful in the future.

Eight: Make a bold, and smart choice. Choose what your cause is and do it well. Your heart has to be behind whatever you do, so think about what you care about and do that. You have a bigger opportunity than you think. Get inspired from the inside out. Sometimes the ideas you come up with for yourself are the ones that you will be most likely to follow through on. We’re asking you to use your genius here.

Nine:  Choose your brands well. If style and fashion are major parts of your life, it’s time to choose wisely. Some brands are staying in the dinosaur era and don’t really think about the impact they make on the planet. Companies like Millionaire and others who inspire us take care to use minimal packaging and promote sustainable living through offering carbon currency and limited edition collections.

Ten: Don’t hate. There are a million reasons to be cynical, all of which are understandable, but living the rich life is about finding a million reasons to hope. If someone is doing it better than you, just put it in the back of your mind as something good in the world, and when the opportunity presents itself for you to make the right choice, you’ll be ready for it.

The rich life is about connection and awareness of the impact we make. It’s about being in touch with nature, the elements and our natural surroundings. This is the part that we get to do better than past decades. We’re defining a new luxury. The part that matters is you. Stretch yourself. Your grandkids will thank you. And if you don’t have grandkids, your dog’s grandkids will thank you.