Getaway Backpack

It was his last day in Manhattan before his week in Valencia. He decided to take his street bike out for a spin in the park before he left the familiar city behind. Our Getaway Backpack slung on his back, he reached in to pull out his phone to capture one last image of the place he knew so well. Later that week, as he stayed out late eating tapas with Spanish beer on the Meditteranean, he carried the same bag with him from morning until midnight.

Our Getaway Backpack held all that he needed for either city: his tablet, sunglasses, wallet, and spare jacket, easy to pull in and out. The bag wasn’t as stiff as a suitcase, and it was more spontaneous than a messenger bag. He knew it could take him to whatever city he wanted to go to next. 

  • Canvas & leather w/ gold hardware
  • 17”H x 12”W x 5.5”D w/ 34” adj. straps
  • Made in U.K.