Brooklyn Bag

They called her a transplant after she made her big move from the West Coast to the East Coast. For the first few months, she wore this title around everywhere she went. People asked her questions about her life, about why she made the move. She tried to put it into words, but it all seemed so indescribable.

She tried to explain that it was time to expand herself, to not be held back by her life that she’d left behind. The questions didn’t bother her. Neither did the change in scenery. She liked the versatility it gave her. Our Brooklyn Bag on her arm spoke of both sides of her: its leather was East Coast tough to withstand seasons, it’s design that fly sense of style that LA had given her. She was able to carry multiple things. 

  • Italian leather w/ gold hardware
  • 12”H x 12”W w/ 24” adj. strap & 3.5” collapsable handles
  • Made in N.Y.C.