Modern heirlooms for a rich life.


We believe that abundance is best enjoyed when shared. That's why the true Millionaire values are all about taking care of our communities and planet. When we believe in these values together we can invest in happiness, justice, and prosperity for all, creating true abundance.


We know our manufacturers well. We make sure all materials are of the highest quality, and choose to work exclusively with companies who treat all workers equitably and who value transparency as much as we do.

To us, the rich life was never about net worth.


We’re taking a new approach to the way we produce. We manufacture our items in small numbers, keep our inventory low, and avoid waste. We use recycled materials in our parcels and practice low-carbon shipping.


We believe that relationships should be long-term. We make lasting relationships and stick together, whether it’s with our manufacturers, customers, or the planet that we live on. We partner with people we trust and we stand by every product we make.