Call me Millionaire Hoops

She got her first pair of hoops when she turned fifteen. They were thin gold hoops that made wide circles on either side of her face, and she felt grown up when she wore them. She felt strong. They were a sign of not being a kid anymore, of coming into her own. And never once did they go out of style.

Hoops can have your name in them, they can have a unique statement that says you, but one thing is always true: hoops are a signature. In place of a name, the script m for Millionaire dashed across the hoops framing her face. The m is all about a new chapter of true wealth and self-worth. Our Millionaire Hoops were her new statement: she understood what she was worth, knew her value, and was ready to share it.

  • 14K gold w/ 6 diamonds (0.015 ct)
  • 2”
  • Handcrafted in N.Y.C.