Choosing Sides Necklace

He had two sides:  care-free and curious being the adventurous side while his other side was serious and regimented.  Like his favorite necklace, both were worn with pride.  Determination amplified his serious nature and ignited his drive towards success.  And on that same road he took pit stops to his favorite destinations like Cambodia and Thailand, where he reveled in the unplanned moments.

His Choosing Sides necklace helped to capture both personalities.  Each side was able to compliment his journey.  The 3 diamonds lined down on one side encapsulated the luxury he has felt in his freedom to travel.  The other side, with Millionaire etched on the pendant, reflected his aspirations and passion.  As the necklace hung, in solid gold, he knew which ever side it landed it would lead him in the right direction.

  • 14K Gold
  • w/ 0.3 ct diamonds 1 1/2"L x 1'W
  • pendant on 24" cuban link chain