Clarissa in Leather Fanny

The fanny pack held some key places in her memory. Her big sister carrying a walkman to hang out with friends at the mall. Beverly Hills 90210. Clarissa Explains it All. Fanny packs were iconic to her in a way that wasn’t boring. The style was fun, bold and absolutely throwback.

These days she was drawn to leather in tones that brought class to her look, and Our Clarissa in Leather Fanny did the trick. She wore it asymmetrically, strapped across her front to wake any look up. She swapped out the walkman for her phone and sunglasses, and stepped into the new moment with something that spoke to where she came from.

  • Cowhide w/ brass hardware
  • 4’H x 6.5”W x 1’D w/ 46” adj. strap
  • Made in Mexico