Eclipse Tote

They made it an outing. They parked on a cliffside overlooking the valley, where they had a full view of the moon. This would be the first time she had ever seen one. A lunar eclipse.

Her favorite leather tote had been tucked by her side all day, holding this and that, for a busy day in the city. When she stopped to pick up some treats for the evening, its interior was roomy enough to carry them, too. They spread out a colorful afghan in the open back of the SUV to make it a real picnic. She pulled out the goodies tucked inside our Eclipse Tote: a bottle of chilled Prosecco with dark chocolate and fresh apricots. They kicked back to watch the moon put on its show. 


  • Italian leather
  • 12”H x 11.5”W x 5.5”D w/ 4.25” x 7” insert wallet
  • Made in N.Y.C.