Got Your Backpack

She only wore black. Her closet was nothing but a wash of jet black to charcoal wash jeans with countless variations on black tops. She always threw on black boots and a black jacket to finish her look. Thing is, she knew exactly why. The florals and prints she saw everywhere just didn’t match her personality. But it was time to throw something light into the mix.

Iridescent is a quality that changes color depending on the light. That seemed to match who she was a little better. Our Backpack in Got Your Back Gold's iridescent material reflects glints of whatever light it’s in. All of a sudden she had some color in her style without forcing it. No floral or print. Just iridescent gold that went with every black piece she could throw on.

  • Italian leather w/ gold hardware
  • 12”H x 11.5”H x 5”D w/ 29” adj. straps
  • Made in N.Y.C.