M is for Minimalist Necklace

Observing her from across the room, your first instinct would be to label her as a Plain Jane. The other women she was with were trying harder, talking louder, and dressed to impress. Her quiet simplicity was a marked contrast, though not an unpleasant one. There are some people who win you over with the force of their personality from the moment you meet them. There are others who may underwhelm at first, but with time reveal depth and surprises just beneath the surface. Our M is for Minimalist Necklace is in the second camp.

At first glance it appears to be a simple gold chain, but look again. A graceful lower-case m seamlessly breaks the rounded arc and changes its position as you move through your day. Whether it’s front and center, off-center, or waiting to be discovered at the nape of your neck, the “m” adds distinction and hints there’s more than meets the eye.

  • 14K gold w/ 3 diamonds (0.018 ct)
  • 17” w/ lobster closure
  • Handcrafted in N.Y.C.