On The Flip Side Dog Tag

The soft-lit wine bar buzzed with conversations over low music. Two women he had never seen before sipped glasses of Bordeaux on a leather couch, and they beckoned him to come over. They had a question for him, and he leaned in to hear them better. The gold plated dog tag necklace he wore hung just between them, below his chest and a little above his navel, over a simple tee shirt. 

The pendant twinkled in the bar light and flipped to reveal an understated diamond. Her hand reached to touch it. They felt they were getting to know him more than he had let on before. Our On The Flip Side Men’s Dog Tag Necklace holds a delicate diamond in the centerpiece on the back. Because we all have more than one side.

  • 14K gold w/ 3 diamonds (.045)
  • 24” chain w/ 2” pendant & lobster closure
  • Handcrafted in N.Y.C.