One Plus One Necklace

She studied the fashion magazine diagram with careful concentration, wondering why this came so easily to some people and remained a mystery to her: “How to Layer Necklaces.” She had always been a one necklace kind of girl, but lately it seemed everyone was layering and stacking to achieve the chic, effortless look that evaded her.

Eventually she discovered there was no magic formula to layering. It takes trial and error, developing a feel, an instinct. Take a shortcut with our beautifully crafted, perfectly paired One Plus One Necklace. A solitaire diamond rests delicately at the base of your neck, while a longer chain features a vertical gold bar.

  • 14K gold w/ 4 diamonds (0.155 ct)
  • 15 1/2" & 18" chains w/ lobster closure
  • Handcrafted in N.Y.C.