Up All Night Ring

Years later, looking back on those nights, the longtime friends marveled at their bravado and stupidity. “We’re lucky nothing terrible ever happened,” they thought more than once. Young, fun, reckless, and naïve, they haunted the city, searching for adventure, totally oblivious to consequences. 2 AM meant it was time to refuel, and morning meant it was finally time to sleep.

The Up All Night Ring is a party in mixed metals. A classic signet graces your pinky, slim, yet making a statement of who you are. Sitting pretty atop the signet stamp, the millionaire “m” reminds your current, wiser self not to forget your formerly daring self. Temper her a little bit, then take her out for another spin.

  • 14K gold w/ 3 diamonds (.045 ct)
  • Size
  • Handcrafted in New York